Brian N.
Back story: So I purchased a brand new 2014 Fender American Standard strat from Guitar Center last December. Now, how fender allowed my guitar to leave their factory in the condition I received it, IMO, was total BS. The guitar was not on the showroom floor, as I watched the salesman pull it out of a packing box from fender. Maybe it was roughed up a bit during shipping....???
So right from the start I had some gripes about the guitar after purchasing...the biggest gripe being that the neck was obviously NOT lined up correctly/or in spec, which then trickled down and began causing a few other noticeable issues.

With limited quantities of the exact finish, neck and pickup combo I wanted on my guitar, I wasn't left with a whole lot of choices when purchasing, so pick from 1/1 and figure everything else out later.

Thank the guitar gods for Nuke. I called up Nuke, who is just a really cool cat. Very accommodating and reasonable. After we figured out the logistics, I dropped my precious off, we talked for a few minutes, I got to see his shop and workspace (specialty tools galore), and with all that put together, it really allowed me to put my mind at ease. I didn't like the idea of leaving my new axe behind, with anyone, but after our chat I definitely got the feeling NUKE knows WTF is up!! My worries quickly turned into excitement.

FFWD to after I picked up the guitar, after Nuke did a proper setup, fixes, and more, all at a very reasonable price and turnaround, and my guitar has finally woke the EFF up and come to life! I cannot thank Nuke enough for making a good guitar GREAT and allowing it to become everything I knew it would be!!
It's now been at least a couple months of jamming, and I couldn't be happier with his work.
Eileen L.
I found Nuke through Yelp and I read all these amazing reviews about him. Honestly, it sounded too good to be true. But after meeting him and seeing the quality of work he produced was simply amazing. You can tell he paid a lot of attention to detail and just loves what he does, which makes his quality of work even better. He is very thoughtful and listens to what you want to do. All his suggestions are helpful and well intended for the customer. I would definitely recommend Nuke for any of your guitar needs.
Michael G.
Nuke has tremendous experience with guitars and and takes great pride in his work. He has a love for music and knows that the proper setup and care of a guitar is essential to deriving maximum performance and pleasure from the instrument.

When I called Nuke I complained to him that my Les Paul seemed to be playing "flat". He took great interest in all aspects of my guitar including its history. When he was done with the restringing, cleaning and adjustments, it played and sounded as a Gibson guitar was designed to perform. His work breathed life and tone into my Les Paul which has allowed me to derive the optimal playing experience which all guitarists seek.

Having experienced Nuke's first rate transformation of my guitar, I would not even consider letting a guitar shop tech touch it!
Michael C.
Nuke is a professional at what he does and his work shows it all. I'm actually inspired to play more because I feel I'm not fighting my guitar now that it's perfectly setup with intonation, action and leveled out frets. He did an amazing job and I highly recommend Nuke to all guitar owners.
Robert F
I called Nuke to do a setup on my Strat. He spent a lot of time talking to me about it on the phone, and when he came over to pick it up. He convinced me to go with a lower action, and said if I didn't like it after giving it a try, he would adjust it at no cost. 

Two days later Nuke arrives with my guitar. Wow! It looks beautiful. He mentioned that he would clean it up (and it was in dire need of it), but I did not expect it to arrive looking pristine. As for the setup, he was right on the mark - the lower action is much better. It has never played, sounded or looked this good since I bought it (used) in 1999. 

It's obvious that Nuke loves what he does and takes great pride in his work. He's got a ton of experience and skills that show it. I also really liked that I knew exactly who would be doing the work, unlike guitar shops that employ a number of techs. He's a fun guy to to talk with as well. Told me about a long road trip in a town car with Robin Trower. Very cool. 

Thanks Nuke!
Sal I
Killer work is all I can say. He takes care of your every guitar need. He recently set up a acoustic guitar for me and did a superb job on it. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs a great setup on there guitar or bass.
Randy M.
"Treat yourself and learn the true meaning of playing the him"
My fingers used to hurt after playing one song. After a "Nuke" setup I can play for hours and enjoy all six,yes I said six of my guitars all professionally setup by Mark "Nuke" Newcomb. Ever hear a song and wish you could learn to play it? Here's your guy. Treat yourself and learn the true meaning of playing the him.
Brian A.
I spent many years on the road with Nuke ware he set up and maintained guitars for some of the biggest acts in the world. Besides being a great tech he is also a world class guitar player. Trust me.
Stef J.
Mark is teaching my 13 year old daughter acoustic guitar. She has been taking lessons for 10 months or so and is rockin it. Mark has a true gift in cultivating and nurturing a passion for the language of music. He is professional, always on time, focused, excellent listener (it's a dialog, not a monologue with him), fun, patient, effective. He's given my daughter a way to express herself that words or drawing can't touch. Trust me- you've found a gem. Give Mark a call.
Lawrence C.
"Mark did an excellent job of setting up my telecaster"
His attention to detail and craftmanship set him apart from just about every guitar tech out there. His prices are more than reasonable and he's a super nice guy to boot. © 2014
Tel: 510.928.NUKE (6853)