Guitar Setups Include:
  • - Neck evaluation, truss rod adjustment
  • - Adjust pickup heights
  • - Inspect nut and adjust action, clean & lubricate
  • - Condition fretboard, clean and polish frets
  • - Shaving saddle to adjust action on acoustics
  • - Tighten tuners and all loose hardware
  • - Adjusting action & string radius at bridge
  • - Restringing (Strings available for purchase)
  • - Setting intonation (strobe tuned)
  • - Clean dirty pots and switches
  • - Cleaned and hang polished



  • Acoustics$70.00
  • Acoustic 12 Strings$85.00
  • Electrics$90.00
  • Electrics w/locking tremolos$110.00
  • 4 String Bass$60.00
  • 5 String Bass$65.00


  • Pickup Installation (electric)$40.00
  • Second Pickup$15.00
  • Third Pickup$10.00
  • Pickup Installation (acoustic)$50.00
  • Replace Switch (3 or 5 way)$30.00
  • Jack Replacement$20.00
  • Pot Replacement$20.00
  • Additional pots$10.00
  • Push/Pull Pot Replacement$30.00
  • Coil Tap or Phase Switch$30.00
  • Complete Rewire$60.00
  • Semi Hollow (F holes) Guitars add$60.00


  • Pots (CTS)$6.50
  • 3 Way Toggle Switch$22.00
  • 5 way Switch$15.00
  • Output Jack$10.00
  • Capacitors$2.00
  • Bone Nut$10.00
  • Bone Saddle$7.00

Nuts / Saddles

  • Install Bone Nut$70.00
  • Install Bone Saddle$30.00

Fret Work

  • Remove divots (per fret)$10.00
  • Fret Level, crown & polish$100.00
  • Fret Dressing$50.00

String Prices

  • Electric (D'Addario)$6.00
  • Acoustic (D'Addario)$9.00

Nuke's Note:

I carry only the best electronic replacement parts available such as genuine Gibson and Fender, CTS pots, Switchcraft switches and jacks, etc. All jobs will receive my close personal attention to all details to get your guitar done right, to your specific needs, playing style and back in your hands in a quick timely manner. Please call or email for an estimate on parts and labor.


All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days unless otherwise specified. Repair prices do not include parts. Prices shown are for labor only. Prices are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for items left over 90 days. Due to the individuality of each job, estimates may vary. If cost exceeds the estimate the customer will be notified. All repair jobs except for setup costs are based on $60 /hr bench charge. Sales tax applied to all parts sold. © 2014
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